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2017 USA Intercollegiate Team
Players (left to right): Jillian Tietje (CalPoly), Dalton Woodfin (Texas A&M), Julia Smith (UVA), and Liam Palacios (Cornell)


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2017-2018 Regular Season Game Results

Intercollegiate Men’s Game Results
Intercollegiate Women’s Game Results
Interscholastic Girls’ Game Results
Interscholastic Open Game Results

2017-2018 Regular Season Regional Standings

Intercollegiate Men’s Regional Standings
Intercollegiate Women’s Regional Standings
Interscholastic Open Regional Standings
Interscholastic Girl’s Regional Standings

2017-2018 Tournament Schedules & Results

Middle School

Northeastern Region: Sept 16-17 @ Bloomfield Polo Club Application (Saratoga Springs, NY)
Western Region: Sept 23-24 @ Lakeside Polo Club Application (Lakeside, CA)
Southeastern Region: Sept 23-24 @ Powers Polo School Application (East Palestine, OH)
Central Region: Sept 30-Oct 1 @ NWA Polo Club Application (Gravette, AR)
Southeastern Region: Sept 30-Oct 1 @ Marlan Farm Application (Freeland, MD)
Southeastern Region: Oct 7-8 @ Aiken Polo Club Application (Aiken, SC)
Southeastern Region: Oct 21-22 @ Garrison Forest School Application (Owings Mills, MD)
Western Region: Nov 4 @ Maui Polo Club Application (Makawao, HI)
Southeastern Region: Nov 4-5 @ Bluewater Creek Polo Club Application (Rogersville, AL)
Central Region: Nov 11-12 @ Prestonwood Polo Club Application (Oak Point, TX)
Western Region: Nov 11-12 @ Central Coast Polo Club Application (Los Osos, TX)
Central Region: Nov 18-19 @ Houston Polo Club Application (Houston, TX)
Northeastern Region: Nov 18-19 @ Gardnertown Polo Club Application (Newburgh, NY)

Interscholastic Girls

Northeastern Girls’ Interscholastic Preliminary:
Southeastern Girls’ Interscholastic Preliminary:
Central Girls’ Interscholastic Regional:
Northeastern Girls’ Interscholastic Regional:
Southeastern Girls’ Interscholastic Regional:
Western Girls’ Interscholastic Regional:
Girls’ National Interscholastic Championship:

Interscholastic Open

Central Open Interscholastic Preliminary:

Northeastern Open Interscholastic Preliminary I:
Northeastern Open Interscholastic Preliminary II:
Southeastern Open Interscholastic Preliminary I:
Southeastern Interscholastic Open Preliminary II:
Western Interscholastic Open Preliminary I:
Western Interscholastic Open Preliminary II:
Central Open Interscholastic Regional:
Northeastern Open Interscholastic Regional:
Southeastern Open Interscholastic Regional:
Western Open Interscholastic Regional:
Open National Interscholastic Championship:

Intercollegiate Men and Women

Central Intercollegiate Preliminary:
Northeastern Intercollegiate Women’s Preliminary:
Northeastern Intercollegiate Men’s Preliminary:
Southeastern Intercollegiate Women’s Preliminary I:
Southeastern Intercollegiate Women’s Preliminary II:
Western Intercollegiate Preliminary:
Central Intercollegiate Regional:
Northeastern Intercollegiate Regional:
Southeastern Intercollegiate Regional:
Western Intercollegiate Regional:
National Intercollegiate Championships: April 2-8 @ Santa Barbara Polo Club



Special Events

Tournament Manager Summit – Sept 8-10 @ Boston, MA

College Polo 101 – Oct 6-8 @Aiken, SC




2014 I/I Results

2015 I/I Results

2016 I/I Results


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